Tobin Tax

If the disgusting people who manufacture landmines will not pay for their removal
then perhaps the Tobin Tax could do it.

And now for the TOBIN TAX

The Tobin Tax was named after the Nobel Prize economist James Tobin.

This is a tax on currency speculation set at a mere 1/4 %.  Those who speculate on the currencies of the world gamble about $1.5 trillion daily.

As most 'money minded people' will tell you, "speculation on anybody's currency does the country the currency and the inhabitants of that country no good whatsoever".

Speculation on currency:
1. Destabilises national economies.
2. Triggers currency devaluations and economic crises.
3. Creates poverty.
4. Boosts national debt.
5. Increases unemployment and in some cases hunger.

With a tax of 1/4 % on the $1.5 trillion on the currencies of the world that are bought and sold each day the world would earn about $250 billion a year.  This figure is about what the UN says would be needed no wipe out the worst forms of poverty and to start to clean up the environment.

It would start to provide:
1. Basic HealthCare.
2. Nutrition.
3. Education.
4. Clean water and sanitation.
FOR EVERY PERSON ON EARTH.  (would that be a bad thing?)

It must be obvious to even the most stupid person that as the world's population increases at an unprecedented rate so does poverty.  Then as poverty increases so does population.  Everywhere on earth where the standard of living has risen together with education the population has tended to stabilise.
Only an educated and well fed population can seriously think about taking care of their environment.  In the end it is only a healthy and stable environment that can save us all.  And it does not matter where on the planet you live if we destroy our environment we will all suffer.

There is a simple old saying that says:
The environment can survive well without us but we cannot survive without the environment.
That old saying is not very profound, just very true.

So it would only seem logical that we should give people a chance to take care of themselves and the environment.  By giving people a chance to make their lives worth living, we all win.

If all it would take is a Tobin Tax to start and keep the ball rolling in a positive direction, then so be it.
Of course lots of greedy people will tell you why it would not work, well of course they would.  Those people only care about their wealth today and don't give a damn about the world or the suffering children upon it.  You will find these people represented by politicians and some political parties the world over.  These are selfish and sick people and must be laughed or shamed out of power.

Do have a good look at the Tobin Tax i'm still trying to find a reason why it would not work, but so far so good.

Tobin Taxes are excise taxes on cross-border currency transactions. They can be enacted by national legislatures, followed by multilateral cooperation for effective enforcement. The revenue should go to global priorities: basic environmental and human needs. Such taxes will help tame currency market volatility and restore national economic sovereignty. (The name Tobin Tax and the original concept derives from James Tobin, a Ph.D. Nobel-laureate economist at Yale University.)

Guest Article

The Tobin Tax and Exchange Rate Stability


Tobin Tax as a mechanism to finance de-mining, de-mining technology development and mine victim rehabilitation: An introduction to the idea

by Robin Collins*

If you would like to look further at the Tobin Tax then just put the words into your search engine and you'll find many sites on Tobin Tax, from all over the world in many languages.

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