Korean Dog Torture

There are many sites concerning this sick practice that is claimed to be culture.

If you must kill an animal well so be it.  However, to torture it first would have to be the action of a very sick sadist.

If you think that it is too horrible to think about then imagine what is happening to the animals because we don't want to leave our comfort zones and so we do nothing.

There is a society in Korea that is fighting against this barbaric practice and they need help.  But first find out a little about what is happening in Korea.


Strange we never hear from our Prime Minister talking about such things.  We can't ruffle feathers can we?

The Korean government appears to be determined to adopt a new law and has set in motion a process that could result in it being approved by the Korean National Assembly in July 2004.  If this law passes, those who eat dogs and cats will be able to consume the meat without any legal stigma attached to it.  This will dramatically increase the number of animals slaughtered cruelly and will encourage more animal abuse.  We cannot allow this to happen as this is a terrible setback for animal protection efforts in Korea and a disastrous move for the future of the Korean animals.

Send protest letters to:
  President Roh Moo-HyunM
Blue House
1 Sejong-Ro, Jongno-gu
South Korea, 110-050
  Minister Huh Sang-man
The Ministry of Agriculture
1 Jungang-dong, Gwacheon
Gyeonggi Prov.
South Korea, 427-760

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Korea Animal Protection Society