War and Money

War & Money.

Wars make good economic sense.

Guess what?  This has all been said before as well.

A war often makes good economic sense to those running the war.  Most wars are about somebody�s economics.  Those who run wars have to win over as many people as possible into believing that there should be a war.  Firstly a war has to be seen as a �just war�.  There have not been many just wars so by the law of averages most wars are not �just� wars; the war machine will tell you differently.

To find out what any war is really about is rather difficult.  There is an old saying, �the first casualty of war is the truth�.  However, there is one home truth about war.  A war is a great money-spinner.  Here is a simple scenario that will fit the bill over and over if you want to make lots of money out of a war.

The first thing to do is to arm up somebody who is obviously very undesirable but not much of a threat to you.  You sell him lots of weapons, even though you know full well that they are to be used for controlling his own population with a reign of terror.  But of course, you would never meddle in the politics of another country, so that is not your concern.

Those that buy the weapons only need them for �peaceful purposes� and self-protection.  The self-protection becomes more urgent as they obtain more weapons because the people of that country are not happy that most of their tax is going into weaponry and the dictator�s pocket and not used for the good of their country.

If the country is rich in resources, especially along the lines of oil, minerals, forestry or cheap labour, then your mates in big business can get in on the deal.  All they have to do is fix up a foreign bank account and they can take what they want of the loot.  El Presidente will make sure that there is no problem with the locals because he is now armed to the teeth and doing nicely; thank you very much.

If all goes to plan, that country will then be a destabilising element in the region and so then you are able to sell weapons to its neighbours.  Of course, they now need to defend themselves against their neighbouring despot.  All is now going to plan; money and resources are flowing in the right direction.

Billions of dollars worth of weaponry enter those countries, paid for by the peoples� taxes.  The weapons are then used to suppress the population and so then the �communist rebels� don�t like what is going on.  So those communist rebels or �insurgents� try to right the situation, but sometimes end up as brutal as the dictator that they are fighting.  Foreign corporations loot the people�s resources; then the little dictators and their mates make a fortune, which is usually held in Swiss Bank accounts.

Where regional instability occurs because of the armed despots, you can eventually clean up.  You then have to step in to save the day!  However, don�t ever mention the silent �quislings�, those (wheelers and dealers) who set up that despot to begin with.  The demonising soon begins with little �grabs� in the mass media to the effect that, �We must get together (as peace loving nations) and rid the world of this tyrant then, the world will be at peace and, we can all go out to play once more�.

The horror stories, of the brutalisation of innocent people by this little thug, are fed to us all.  These stories are always available in the public domain.  The war machine and the plunderers of the peoples� resources do so well, that the controlled media is silent about them (yes, the Mass Media is controlled), that is why you can�t learn much from �The News�; but football scores will be right up to date and �correct�.  Just watch the character assassinations of those who question the status quo, if you don�t believe that then look carefully for yourself (even Silly Willy can spot a telling pattern).

For years many writers have told of the horrors by the tyrants and those �respectable� people who support them.  Often when such people ever expose what started the �atrocities� they are labeled as �over the top� or �not balanced� or one effective label is �he�s a bitter man, a bitter man!�  Then there�s that boring old mantra, trotted out by those who (if you notice) have never stood up for anything.  The mantra is �conspiracy theories!� or there is the very modern and truly pathetic model of the same �conspiracy.com!�  Watch for obvious patterns!  After a while they do get boring.

Some still think that the only �conspiracy� was when Brutus conspired to knock off Big Julie

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You know how the old adage goes �attack the person not their story�.

The media or spokespersons in the countries where all these horror stories are taking place will trot out the usual apology and it goes like this, �oh perhaps there are a few isolated cases of human rights abuses but they are very rare�.  Have you not heard that one before?

So now we must intervene to save the world.  And the really big contracts start to roll in.  Not only could you sell weapons to the �Little Hitler� to arm him up, but now you can sell weapons to your own population to put him down.  For that privilege your people will pay billions.  If anybody questions it, there is a quick fix label �unpatriotic� or else you must be a �supporter of that tyrant�.  Even if you were one of the few who spoke out against that tyrant while he was being armed up, that now accounts for naught.

So the military complex goes into full swing to �fight for freedom!�.  The funds for such a fight are not spared because it is our freedom that is at stake here.  Remember that anyone who questions this must be on the side of the enemy that means �with the terrorists� and that will not be tolerated.  We are a peace and freedom loving people and that is what we are fighting for.  There are many young men and women who are quite prepared to fight and die for such a noble cause and could you blame them?  Sadly, most of them could not even find that country on the map.  There is no way that they will ever learn that it was their own weapons industry who set up that little despot with the �lions share� of the weaponry that now poses such a problem.

When the question is asked, �who gave him the hardware to begin with?�  There is usually a bit of a mumbling about all those other irresponsible countries that dealt with that little scumbag, which of course, many did.  But let�s not delve too deeply.

The factories are now churning out weapons for the �peace effort� and the kids are marching off to war.  Those kids are to use up as many weapons as possible because back home there is employment and everybody is on the march.  The Tax Dollars are being used up but that�s OK, it is for a noble cause.  The weapons industry gets the people�s money and the share market for nickel is doing fine.

When this one is over we can repeat the process because we are already selling weapons to a few despots around the world right now and their time will come.  So then we can siphon off some more $ billions in tax dollars once again.  There are many young people not yet born who can be dragged into the patriot game.  They must prove that they love their country and so they must be prepared to fight for peace and worship a rag called a flag that someone once painted with colours.

Patriotism is a good thing, but don�t let it be used to numb your brain.  There are many undesirables who hide behind it.  Remember the old saying, �Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel�.  Be patriotic, respect that in a flag that deserves respecting, but be sensible.  Wars are a great money-spinner and guess what?  This has all been said before.

If you think that this is all too simplistic then give us the complicated version and it can go here on this website together with the simple one.

And, have a nice day!

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