If the disgusting people who manufacture landmines will not pay for their removal
then perhaps the Tobin Tax could do it.

Child Soldiers        Human Rights/Children

You should learn something about landmines.
Each year 26,000 people are killed or mutilated by landmines of which 8,000 are children.  There are still many �two legged pigs� getting very rich, manufacturing and selling landmines.  These �pigs� will trot out the same tired old excuse time after time �Oh a country has the right to defend itself�.  As if they actually care; they deal in death.  Why are our Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition so silent on the issue of landmines?  And child soldiers for that matter?

Should landmine dealers be made to take care of those children who have been brutalised and maimed by their actions?

Adopt a Minefield
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International campaign to ban landmines
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Cambodia has more landmines than children
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Landmine Who's Who

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