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Landmines        Child Soldiers

The sad story of Honour Killing carried out by uneducated insecure males.

Human Rights
Learn about the helpers and the liars and then observe those pathetic apologists who will not move out of their comfort zone.

  • Human rights issues in any country are not an internal affair; they concern us all.
  • Human rights are an issue for humanity, nothing less.  So any mouthpiece from any government that says that human rights in their country are no one else�s business is an apologist for a tyrant.  Usually they themselves do not care about human rights because they work for a dictator that condones brutality.
  • So if you are a human it is your responsibility to find out what is happening on your planet and, when it is important and you have a chance, then speak up.
  • Some of the greatest champions of human rights have supported some of the most hideous and brutal regimes on the planet, whilst at the same time espousing human rights; when it suites them.
  • The greatest patriots are often the greatest hypocrites; if they are not hypocrites they are just ignorant, and many people remain ignorant by choice, so long as they parrot the words freedom and patriotism, their ignorance will never be challenged.
  • You may also note that in cultures where cruelty to animals is considered normal then you may also note that cruelty to humans is also considered acceptable; especially by those responsible.
  • Brutal tyrants will always say that human rights are an internal affair; the victims of atrocities never say that, nor are they asked for their opinions.
  • Victims of human rights abuses can only rely on help from without; usually when a brutalized people fight back they are labelled as terrorists or insurgents and brutalized some more.
  • Some of the most brutal of tyrants are often supported and armed to the teeth by those who shout freedom the loudest; especially if he has goodies to offer them, usually by way of oil, forests, minerals or cheap labour.

  • There are some very active people who are making a difference for the better.  However, there are thugs in many countries that are protected as long as there are still hideous governments to be kept in power with resources to plunder.  The problem often arises as a result of de facto colonialism.  Independence is seldom truly granted until there are no resources left to steal or the population is too high to control.  The people are then to become slaves to pay interest on loans for the rest of their lives.  Then there is a FREE TRADE AGREEMENT.  If ever there was a double edged sword that is sharper on one side than the other, then the FTA is it.

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    If you genuinely care, and you are not a chronic selfish. pathetic cynical apologist, or some kind of an obsequious sycophant to power, then take a few minutes to get yourself informed.

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    Landmines          Child Soldiers

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