Weapons for Peace & The Merchants of War

World Health Organisation � Fact Sheet

The Weapons industry tells us that they are fighting for peace.

The Weapons industry exists to steal your taxes by keeping the world at war.  Whether you want to believe it or not, a war can and does get organised at anytime that the weapons industry from the big end of town needs a war; and you will pay for it with your taxes and much more.

Sadly wars are going on all the time but your normal media will never tell you about that because the merchants of war, or their mates, control (not all but) much of the media.

In ancient Roman times to keep the populace ignorant and �happy� they would give them what came to be known as �Bread & Circuses�.  Today to keep you nice and ignorant and �happy�, you have Sport, Computer games, Shopping, then more shopping, Soap Operas (Sitcoms) and Religion.  Religion is often used to de-activate people because they are told that they need take no responsibility for their actions on our planet; all they must do is grovel to god and they will be given another place to go to, called heaven.

If you believe in god, would it not be an insult to your god to take no responsibility for the planet that you have been given, but then expect another planet just because you grovelled in the right fashion?

And then of course the ever-present Junk Food, laced with chemicals, colours and flavourings which all help to keep our children sick and troublesome (at least 50% of Fast Food is Junk Food).

If any of these suggestions upset you, then perhaps it�s time that you grew up and took a look at the elephant in the room, before it tramples you.

Never forget that the weapons industry is fighting for peace and it has been doing it for centuries.  Of course you would never be sucked in would you?  You are much too intelligent for that, aren�t you?

Do the words: Freedom, Flag, God and Patriotism not ring a bell?  Well they should, because they are the most common words that the war-machine�s mates, which means selected politicians and a select few in the media have been using for years to suck you into the �patriot game�.

Have you not noticed that the manipulators of the patriot game never show any genuine interest in humanity or planet earth?  Have you not also noticed that corporate control and ownership of the world�s resources, often at gunpoint, is passed off as, �Free enterprise�?

Corporate control is becoming exactly the same as what ended up to be passed off as communism, an obvious failure because of human nature.  In the USSR those, who after so much suffering under a powerful oligarchy, thought that they would try this new idea called Communism.  Communism was meant to mean true democracy but the power brokers of this new idea had other ideas.  So it came to pass that those who embraced it with freedom in mind were sent to Siberia or shot.  Those who still think that the USSR was Communist can�t think for themselves � it was a terrible dictatorship.

Is it not time we stopped pretending?  Free enterprise means, responsible businesses run by responsible people, not giant corporations and the merchants of war; who are accountable to no-one, even their shareholders must ignore it; because for many, that is their only security for their future.

Although much of this story would appear to be directed at the corporations of the US, they are by no means the only ones responsible.  The corporations responsible are from many other respectable countries like: Britain, China, France, Israel, Germany, Russia and now it looks like Australia might also be starting to get into the cash crop of the weapons industry.  Come on Aussie come on!

Another thought, if you don�t like the idea of refugees then you might question the merchants of war who profit from and are responsible for creating easily ninety percent of the world�s refugees.

Oh yes, weapons are a great money-spinner and we use them to fight for peace.
Yes, and this has all been said before

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Read about Child Soldiers & Landmines

Have you noticed that your Prime Minister or President never show any genuine concern for the quarter million plus Child Soldiers presently abused on planet earth?  Is that not also terrorism?  Or don�t the kids count?

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