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 What we are not told about
 Genetically Engineered (GM) Crops & Food!

Should our Whales be turned into Sushi and Pet-food under the guise of reaserch?
Cartoon pic showing harpooning whales and cows. Would a civilised person kill a cow like this?
Well, this is how they kill whales.

This cruel outrage must be stopped.
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Japanese translation of - Would a civilised person kill a cow like this?
Japanese translation of - Well, this is how they kill whales.

The Cove Movie

To learn more go to - Save Japan Dolphins

The Humpback Whales are the singing acrobats of our oceans, their songs have been compared to the songs of the Singing Sumatran Rhinoceros and the Japanese want to resume killing these whales for Scientific Sushi.

The Fin Whales are a fast cruising whale and mate for life, read The Guardian and see if then you could support the Japanese turning these beautiful creatures into Sushi.
Read more about whales on the general whale page.

There is a destructive feral animal destroying the Ancient Gene Pools of Tasmania.
Its scientific name is Greedybushwacker gunni.

Reptiles and Archnids

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  See the Meatrix!
  Then the Meatrix 2!
Did you know that about 300,000 pigs are forced to live their lives in Australia in cages like this?
Should we not expect better than this obscenity from a country as large as Australia?
What price cruelty?

If the following people: The Prime Minister of Australia OR the Leader of the Opposition OR the President of America OR Dr Hugh Wirth of the RSPCA, OR the Owners or Directors of these disgusting places, were kept like this, for just one day per month, do you think this barbaric practice would continue?

The sad truth is that these people support this outrage because they never say anything against it, let alone stand up against it. Even Dr Hugh Wirth of the RSPCA only waffles from time to time on this issue because he is a puppy dog and pussy cat man and it appears that only in theory does he care about cruelty to other animals.

Did you know that most of those responsible for this outrage are paid up members of the RSPCA?  So how convenient is that?  In plain language it is a farce and it makes a farce of the RSPCA.

Make sure your family asks for Free Range or Organic Pork only.  Tell your butcher or manager of your supermarket that if they cannot supply Free Range: Pork or Chicken or Eggs then you will shop elsewhere.

In Defence of Animals

Anti-Vivesection Society - Anti-Vivesection Campaigns
500 Animals die each day within the walls of Huntingdon Life Sciences.
Many are just tortured to death and they pretend it is science.
70,000 animals await death by experimentation.
You could even apply for a job with the sickos at Huntingdon�s.
These people at Huntingdon�s are really disgusting!

There are many Chinese people who learn in horror about what is happening to the bears in China.

The following articles will teach you about the important issue of Bear Bile Farms.

There is a sick and barbaric practice going on in China right now, you can help the people in China who are trying to put an end to it.
- Bear Bile Farms

Passed off as culture??

Perhaps you will not like this story.   Well if you do not like it then do something to stop this sick and sadistic practice that is passed off as culture.  If you say you care then you can do something.

But first find out what is going on:-
- Korean Dog Torture

High Seas Bottom Trawling, Driftnets, Longline Fishing & Shark Finning

Any politician anywhere in the world that does not speak out loudly against the practice of Shark fining, Drift netting, High seas bottom trawling or Longline fishing practiced in its present form is low life and not worth a single vote.  Any such person that says that it is not their portfolio to speak out on such issues should line up for the dole.

Ocean Plunder

Visit some rare and endangered animals of the world.
Monkeys and Apes Marsupials
The 5 Rhinoseroses Tigers, Snow Leopards & Asiatic Cheetahs
Australian Cassowary - Our Bird in Trouble.
"A National Disgrace".


Who is the thief in Telstra?
When you call a Telstra number with Home Messages 101 and they are engaged, you must pay for the call and you cannot hang up before a cost is incurred.

If you call again to see if they are still engaged, Home Messages 101 comes on instantly and it costs you another call; and again there is no choice to hang up.

Let�s say it costs 20 cents per call:
 - If you call an engaged Telstra Home Messages 101 number once a day for a year it will cost you $73
 - If you call an engaged Telstra Home Messages 101 number twice a day for a year it will cost you $146
 - If you call an engaged Telstra Home Messages 101 number thrice a day for a year it will cost you $219

Oh so homely with a slow but gentle rip off.

You have no choice to avoid the cost because if you dial an engaged number you will pay.  Telstra is stealing $millions from the public every year with this scam.  Let�s find out who is responsible for designing this nifty little trick and who said go ahead and run with it?  People are in prison for lesser crimes.  In my opinion those responsible are thieves and should be dealt with accordingly.  Those in power who remain silent are accomplices.

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